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The story of the
“European Cartoon-Contest” (ECC)

A child and his two fathers …

Zwei Väter eines Kindes

One child with two fathers: Michael Beckmann, director of tourism in Winterberg, and Andreas Dunker, journalist (from left)

Photo: WESTFALENPOST / Ralf Hermann

On 10th August 2006 the director of tourism in the German City of Winterberg, Michael Beckmann, and the journalist Andreas Dunker got to know each other in Winterberg-Siedlinghausen on the occasion of a small exhibition with political cartoons from the press cartoonist Jürgen Tomicek known throughout Germany. There they arranged a meeting for a mutual cartoon contest.

The idea of such an event in North Rhine-Westphalia was already born some time ago when Andreas Dunker was visiting and enjoying the International Cartoon Festival in Knokke-Heist (http://cartoonfestival.otr.be/), a Belgian tourist town at the North Sea coast. This was the origin and the making of the “Winterberger Winterspott” and resulted in the “European Cartoon-Contest”. Prizes will be money and goods to the total amount of app. 10,000 euros.

Now the “birth” of such an event in Germany took place in Winterberg in December 2007. The European Cartoon-Contest will probably be realised every year and will grow up to a major event of graphical humour.


The cartoon exhibition “Winterberger Winterspott” and the related “European Cartoon Award” have two “fathers”: Michael Beckmann and Andreas Dunker. “Place of birth”: the German tourist town Winterberg – known for its winter sports and trekking tours.

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